Mobile app connecting locals and travelers.

Play Store
Published Android applications.

Sumo Robot
Award-winning Sumo wrestling robot.

STEM Symposium
Registration and paper submission system.

Curriculum tracking platform.

Project Levo
Motion controlled quad-copter.


CultureCloud® mobile travel app.

1st Place
2016 IEEE R2 SAC Sumo Robots.

2015 RCA Heritage Scholarship.

1st Place
2014 IEEE R2 SAC Micro Mouse.

2nd Place
2013 Drexel IEEE Hackathon.

Turkish-American Giresuns Organization
Volunteering for the Turkish-American community since 2008.


Augmented Reality w/ Structured Light
Advanced image processing algorithm fusion for one-shot 3D object reconstruction using structured light encoded with a De Bruijn Sequence supporting real-time tracking (with occlusion) and 3D pose estimation. Patent in approval process.

Wearable Image Guided Surgery
Implemented host-to-device video streaming on wearable devices (Google Glass) for use in neurosurgical operations. Tested feasibility at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ.


Spaghetti Engineering
Designed and developed applications for multiple platforms using different methods of data transfer to communicate and control propriety hardware developed by the client, like DigiWatt, LED Glow, SmartRide and Touch-N-Go.

Teaching Assistant
Instructed Intro to Digital Systems, Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture lab work. Helped students with labs, classwork; graded assignments, reports, and lab work.